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How to check your redirect

You can perform a redirect test and check your redirect incontinently and online with our free redirect checker. Add the URL you want to test into the 301 redirect checker and see the results. Practice our 301 link redirect tester to test your URLs and ensure they have the right redirect! You can check your redirects online incontinently.

What's a URL redirect checker?

Redirects are used to further one URL to another URL online. These are used to shoot online visitors, and search engines to a different link than what was firstly compartmented in or clicked on.

For illustration, let's say you have a website with the URL "fictionalpestcontrol.com". Still, you decide to convert your URL to "mywebsite.co". You'd need to set up a deflect so that when someone types in your old URL, or clicks on a link to the old URL, they're automatically directed to the new, correct runner. This is also true of all the contents and links on your website.

Redirect Operative Why are 301 redirects necessary?

Away from making sure that online druggies and quests are suitable to get to your website, 301 redirects are also extremely important because they pass the utmost of the ranking power, between 90-99, to the directed runner.

Why do we offer this free tool?

Our thing at SEOtoolse is to make your dreams come true through inconceivable SEO. Allowing users like you to test and use our redirect checker helps you do further for your business and eventually make those dreams a reality.

And if you want some help with your SEO, we'd love to give you a free substantiated SEO strategy review. However, we'd love to do business with you, If you feel it's a good fit and like our strategy. Or you can take the strategy and try to apply it yourself. Either way, we hope you can ease your SEO by using our redirect tester!