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About Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker online is a free tool that analyzes duplicate content on the web. As well as it allows to detection of duplicate articles on any online source. SEOToolse is dedicated for free to content creators to provide quality content for their audiences.


The online plagiarism checker has dozens of free features:

1. Infinite number of web pages checking

This tool can check for plagiarism online by comparing your text to billions of web pages on search engines. This comparison is done automatically to all existing articles on the internet. which makes it the most convenient and fastest plagiarism detector online.

2. Automatic rewriting tool

In addition to the online plagiarism checker, our site offers an automatic content rewriting tool. If your content is unique, just paste your plagiarized content into the rewrite tool and you will be directed to our automatic paraphrasing tool, where your text will be immediately updated. This is a separate tool available for free.
3. The accepted document format

Our online similarity checker only accepts raw text format. Once the text content is pasted tool will do the rest of the work.

les documents acceptés par le détecteur de plagiat gratuit

4. Online URL integration

This free online plagiarism checker tool does not offer any dedicated functionality. Just add some text click on the "Check for plagiarism" button and the tool does its job.

5. Multiple languages

This tool gives you the opportunity to check for the plagiarism of text in other languages than English. 

6. Local storage

If your content is rather local, in a file on your computer, you can copy it directly into the toolbox.

7. Percentage indicator

The moment you have pasted your content and proceeded to check for plagiarism online, our duplication checker will give you, in percentages, the levels of plagiarized and unique content in the text. For example, it will show you that 90% of the content is unique and 10% is plagiarized.pourcentages de plagita pour un contenu unique gratuitement

8. A result by list and by sentence

The tool doesn't just show you the percentages of plagiarized and unique content. It also shows you, in a table format to facilitate the detection of plagiarized (if any) and unique phrases in the content, sentence by sentence. To reassure you, already existing phrases are displayed in red while unique phrases are displayed in green.

9. Possibility to display the results online

The tool does not give the possibility to check the results in red via external links.

10. Online comparison function

After getting the results, you cannot compare which redline (plagiarism) on Google and compare this particular content with similar content already published on the web.

How does the plagiarism checker by SEOTOOLSE work?

The plagiarism verification tool scans your pasted text carefully to detect the percentage of plagiarism. Most of the time, it displays text that contains plagiarism in red in your results, because red is a sign of alarm. Our plagiarism verification tool will identify the exact source of content copied or plagiarized from search engines.

Note: It is advisable to check the keyword density using "Keyword Density Checker" before publishing it online. As well as looking for grammar errors using "Grammar Checker tool" before scanning the centenu for plagiarism to avoid spam.